About the cause


Art sale to fund legal defense for activists in the joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle against the occupation.


The struggle against the occupation and for democracy and equality depends on the time and energy of volunteers, but it also involves high legal expenses. One of the methods of suppressing the struggle against the occupation is legal persecution: many demonstrators Palestinians as well as Israelis are arrested at demonstrations for no reason. They are accused of false charges against which they must defend themselves. Despite the willingness of a dedicated legal team to work for solidarity rates, the costs add up to a substantial amount.

25% of the sale price of each work will be paid to the artist who donated the work. All funds raised will be dedicated to covering legal expenses. 


The initiators of the intervals project were the Coalition of Women For Peace which has supported this struggle from its inception and Anarchists Against The Wall have taken part in this struggle for about 10 years and have paid a high personal, legal and financial price.


 These days the intervals project is being carried on by a group of activists to support the original goals of the project.

These goals stem from a commitment to the basic rights of Palestinians, the least of them being those recognized by international law.